What are the requirements for installing these blogs?

You must have a domain name and your own web host.


Recommended Web Hosts :

Hostgator  is a well-known provider of dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and web hosting. More than 9,000,000 Web sites have choosen this company for their hosting needs.

A2Hosting : If you're looking for fast and reliable web hosting, A2 Hosting is the company for you. They provide up 20x the speed of competitors with a 99.9% uptime! Hostinger :


Could You Install A Blog Kit For Me On My Server?

Yes, you may get installation service, just contact us HERE.


 Can I modify, alter, add, or remove blog content?

You have complete freedom to update, add, or remove ANY blog content, including posts, images, and videos. The majority of content can be changed, corrected, edited, or added if you are experienced with WordPress.

Can I modify the design in any way?
All blogs feature a versatile theme that enables you to alter the site background, sidebar location, theme width, fonts, colors, and more. On this page, look under "Theme Settings & Management."

Can I add plugins or change the theme?
Yes. Since WordPress powers every blog, you can alter the theme and add or remove plugins as you see fit.


Do I have to have a cPanel-based Webhosting account?

No. For people who don't already have a web host, cPanel-based web hosts are advised. These blog packages are simple to install as long as you have a suitable webhost and know how to manage it.

However, please be aware that cPanel-based webhosts make it simpler for us to setup and operate your site if necessary.

Is it necessary for me to register as an affiliate with Clickbank, Amazon, and Adsense?
No. You can substitute your own products or any other affiliate products for those Clickbank, Amazon, and Adsense advertisements.

This product's main goal is to assist you in setting up a website or blog that you can call your own rapidly.



Can wordpress.com, wix.com, blogger.com, and other comparable websites install this?

No. These items are exclusively designed for WordPress only.



Can I modify the website's footer link? What should I do?

Simply navigate to WordPress Dashboard => Appearance => Customizer => Premade Niche Link to update it. The "Footer Settings" tab can be found after selecting Theme Settings.


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